Wow, it’s been a while since I posted. The holidays have kept us really busy, as well as the whole family getting sick and Glenn and I taking a much-needed break to ourselves for a couple of days.

As far as our adoption goes, we are moving along. We are going to get fingerprinted today! Well, it’s my fingerprint appointment and we are hoping they will allow Glenn to get fingerprinted early since his official appointment isn’t until the 15th, due to an error I made when I sent in our application. So, if we are succesful in getting both of us fingerprinted today, then it should be anywhere from 1-4 weeks before we get I-800A approval. That is our last piece of paperwork that has to be done here in the US. We have sent all of our dossier, except this last approval of course, to Minnesota where our adoption agency is headquartered to be looked over. Once they have approved our dossier, and this last approval is added, they will be sending the dossier to Hong Kong! We are so excited to be getting done with the paperwork process and on to the waiting process of this adoption. Some of you might be asking what is a dossier? Well, it’s a collection of paperwork identifying us. There are 142 pages to be exact, I know because I had to collect all that and copy it four times! Yikes! There are things like copies of birth certificates and passports, doctor’s reports, reference letters and loads of financial papers. It was a lot of work, it took 4 months to compile it all. So, that is why we are glad to be done!

What’s next? Well, one important paper in that dossier states that we wish to be matching with a certain little girl we have chosen. Once the government in Hong Kong gets this paperwork they will decide if we are fit to adopt and if they think we would be good parents for the little girl we have chosen. We don’t anticipate them saying no, but one never knows with adoption. We hope to have the dossier in Hong Kong by the end of this month and then it will take anywhere from 1-3 months for them to approve it. Then we will finally have an official match with our girl! After that, there is a series of court processes that have to happen in Hong Kong before we are allowed to travel to get her. We are hopeful that we will be able to travel in the summer, but it could be as late as November depending on how this Hong Kong court process goes.

Please be praying for us as we enter this time of waiting. Waiting can be stressful, but we know it is in God’s hands and we want His will and timing for us. Please pray for the last bit if funding we need to come through, we are applying for grants and other means of support as we owe some fees to Hong Kong as well as travel fees. We are so blessed that we have not had to go into any debt so far to pay for the adoption expenses, praise the Lord! We know that Lord has called us to this crazy venture and He is providing.


One thought on “Updates

  1. The Lord is always providing, isn’t He? Patience, finances, weird stuff you didn’t know you needed. Praying as we all wait 🙂

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