Our story

My husband Glenn and I met in 1999 while attending college at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He was a freshman and I was a sophomore. We were both going to Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. I was a leader of the freshman small group Bible study. My student advisor for the group told me to ‘find one freshman and invest in them’. She failed to say that it should be a girl. So, one night in August I went to Bible study and met Glenn. He was sitting at a table with a bunch of other girls. I sat down at the same table with one of my girlfriends. I was listening to him talk about being a missionary in Mexico, which is what his aspiration was at the time. My first impression of him was that he was a ‘player’ sitting with all these girls.  Those of you who know him well will laugh at that I am sure, since that is furthest from the truth. However, during the course of listening to him talk the Lord spoke to me and told me he was the man I would marry. No kidding! There was one small problem, I was dating someone at the time and we were close to getting engaged, although I knew this was not the person I was supposed to marry.

After we left that night, I saw Glenn a few more times. We got to know one another a little bit. The first weekend of October we were going on a retreat with Intervarsity. I had heard from a friend of mine that Glenn was supposed to ride with another girl I knew. By this time, I was kind of stalking him, I will admit. So, I decided that I would invite that other girl to ride with me, thus Glenn would have no choice but to ride with me also. The plan worked like a charm and he ended up riding in the front seat with me for four hours. We got to talk a lot on that trip and it further confirmed for me that this guy was someone I wanted to get to know better. Then he asked me the dreaded question, did I have a boyfriend. I couldn’t lie so I told him about the situation. I told him I knew it was not the relationship I should be in and he encouraged me to get out of it. I went home that night and broke up with my boyfriend. The next night, I saw Glenn again and told him what I had done. He said that he worked as a floral delivery driver with his family’s business and that I should come and ride with him sometime. I said “how about tomorrow?”. And that was it, we have been together ever since.

We dated for a year and a half and then got married in 2001. We were both still in college at the time and I know most people thought we were crazy. But it has really been a blessing to grow up together.

Glenn went on to get a BA in Spanish and later become a Spanish teacher. He found out that God was calling him into education and he really loves it. He is a middle school/high school administrator for a charter school near where we live. I am a stay at home mom to my four wonderful boys. God has blessed us with 4 biological sons, 1 adopted son, 1 adopted daughter and 3 babies we will meet in heaven.


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