The little things

Sometimes we assume that God only cares about the big things in our lives. Things like who we marry or what job we have. But He also cares about the smallest things in our lives. He knows your deepest desires and the small things you care about. I have a personal story about this from my childhood.

When I was about 7 or 8 I wanted a walking balloon for my birthday. These were balloons that had weighted hands and feet that made them look like they were walking. They were all the rage with my friends and it was all I wanted for my birthday. It was just my mom and I at this point in my life and we were having a hard time financially. My mom told me she just didn’t have $20 to spend on a balloon. Looking back on it now as a parent, I can imagine how hard that must have been for my mom to tell me. But had she not done what she knew was best for us, I would not have experienced this monumental time in my life. So, I prayed that God would give me the balloon I wanted, as children often do. As adults we often find that children will pray for anything, even things that we find silly or think God is not interested in. So, I prayed. The morning of my birthday, which happens to be in June, my mom woke me up all excited. She told me to come see what God had brought me for my birthday. I went outside in our back yard and there was the balloon that I had wanted. It was just hovering over our yard, fully inflated. It was really amazing. It was a big yellow smiley face. I brought the balloon in and it stayed inflated for a month, I am not exaggerating!

That day I learned that God cared about the balloon I wanted, even as a little child. That has carried with me to this day. I know that even the smallest things that I am concerned with, God sees and cares about too. There is nothing too big or too small for God. Don’t neglect to tell God about the small things in your life. He cares.

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4 thoughts on “The little things

  1. That is so cool. I had a small things incident not too long ago with a book I wanted. I didn’t pray about it because I just thought that was silly. But a friend happened across it for free and picked it up for me without even knowing I had seen it and was interested. I was so shocked but I knew God allowed it so I would know he was paying attention!

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