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I joined Pinterest recently. I kept seeing it on Facebook. Everyone else was all excited about it, so I decided I needed to see what all the buzz was about. So, I joined. I have yet to actually set up a page. For those of you who don’t know what this is, I will try to explain, although I am not sure I understand myself. So, it’s like a virtual bulletin board that you “pin-up” those things you like, such as crafts you might want to do or pictures you like. I am sure there is more to it than that, but that is the basic gist of it, I think.

Anyway, so I signed up about a week ago. I keep getting emails now telling me that so and so is following me on Pinterest. It makes me laugh to myself because I am not sure if I will ever actually get around to doing anything with Pinterest. I hope to, but sometimes I just don’t have the time for everything I want to do, imagine that! So, I hope that my friends who are following me on Pinterest don’t get to disappointed with me if I don’t do anything amazing with it.

This has made me think about life. Do you realize the people in your life who are “following” you? My kids are the easiest example of people that are following me. They see everything I do, even the stuff I wish they wouldn’t. The copy what I say, somethings that I say sound okay to me until I hear them come out of a four-year old’s mouth and then they sound awful. (BTW, I am not talking about anything major here, just stuff like “stupid”. So don’t think I go around cussing all the time)

My kids aren’t the only ones following me. You would be amazed at the people around you who are watching what you do and following you. I have had people tell me recently that they wanted to be like me. I was shocked! Really, me? I think you have the wrong person here, I am not some great Christian or mom, who would want to follow me? Often times you don’t get to choose who wants to follow you, they just do. So, you have to be mindful of those around you and how you act. Jesus chose 12 men to follow him, but there were countless others who followed Jesus around all the time. Jesus had to watch what he did and said all the time, He was rarely not being watched. I am not nearly like Jesus, but the point is that people are watching me and following me and I have to be mindful of my words and actions. I pray that I am doing something worth following. I pray that people will see that it’s not me they are following but, that I am just in a person following Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Follow me

  1. Well, I think you make a perfect example of someone to want to be like!
    Everything I see you do is worth duplicating!
    Of course, I don’t live with you either 🙂

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