This week a friend of ours dropped off a new bed to our house. It is a trundle-bed, so it’s actually two beds. It will be perfect for our little girl and we are so thankful to have it. I think it has brought a new reality to our household though. It is currently set up in our boys room, because what will be our daughter’s room is currently still Joshua’s room. We are going to wait as long as possible to move him in with our other boys since he is  loud when he sleeps. So, for now, the new bed is in our other boys room. Of course, they asked us why we have this new bed and we told them it is for their sister we are adopting. I think that really brought home the idea to them. Now this new sister is in our daily conversation. Jordan, our soon to be 6-year-old, is the most vocal about it, which surprises me. He really had a hard adjustment when we added our two youngest to our family so quickly. He was the baby for 3.5 years and he enjoyed that role. In fact, we joke that he is still our baby much more than the others. The last few nights he has been sleeping in the new bed and asking when his sister will come home. He wanted to share one of his pillows with her. It’s really sweet and I am glad he has a positive outlook on adding this little girl to the family. I am sure the babies won’t be so cheery about the idea, since it will require giving up some mommy time, but they will adjust. It’s hard to believe they won’t remember a time when it was just boys and they didn’t have a sister.

This new bed has brought up all sorts of feelings in all of us. It brings excitement and motivates me to start actually thinking toward decorating her room and buying things for her. It also brings up difficult feelings. Feelings of hurt and pain from the babies we lost. Bringing new children into the house always reminds us of the ones who are not here. We know we will see them again in heaven, but it is still hard when reminders come up.

We have also added a doll house that was mine as a child to Joshua’s room in anticipation of Elizabeth coming home. It brings back so many memories to have that in the house and I will enjoy fixing it up for her. It’s hard to believe that we are about 7 months or so away from having her home. It seems you work so hard on paperwork and stuff for months and months and then finally the time comes when you get to bring home a child. I guess it didn’t seem real until these things started coming into the house. I remember when we got Joshua’s crib while we were waiting to be matched with a child in his adoption. It made things so real, and this bed has done the same. We are so thankful that God is providing everything we have need of for this little girl and we know He will continue to do so, we just have to trust Him every step of the way.


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