Technology is a wonderful thing, if you know how to use it. It is not my best skill, in fact it takes all I have just to post pictures on this blog. I know, sad. There is some really neat new stuff out there. Like the iPhone4 for example. That thing just amazes me. You can tell it that you have locked your keys in your car and it will find a locksmith for you. It is just crazy. It’s like having a personal assistant with you all the time.

My son Samuel asked me the other day if I would like a new iPhone. I said, “of course, but we don’t have the money in the budget right now for that, so I am not going to get one.” (trying to teach a little money management skills and good things come to them that wait, sort of stuff. lol) Anyway, he wasn’t too happy with that answer because he wants things NOW. To be honest, so do I. I would love to have the newest stuff right now, but that wouldn’t be very responsible, and since I have turned 30, I have to do responsible stuff now. Drat!

I think technology is great, obviously I am a fan of computers and blogging. It’s just amazing how much you can learn about someone nowadays, on computers. It’s artificial though. I try to be as “real” as possible on this blog, but you don’t really know the real me, unless you know me in person. And honestly, there are few people who really know me well – I could count them on one hand. We are all like that, I suppose. I have friends that I have never met in real life, but I feel as though I really know them. This whole blogging stuff can give you the illusion of knowing about someone or something when you haven’t actually met the real thing.

It’s a lot like Jesus. You can know a lot about Jesus, you can listen to other people talk about him. You can listen to a million sermons about Him and everything he did here on earth, but do you really “know” him? You don’t really know him unless you have met him. How do you meet Jesus? You talk to him yourself. I can pray for you, but you will never understand Jesus unless you pray and talk to him yourself. You can be a Jesus expert but in the end never really “know” him. Do you really “know” Jesus, or do you just know about Jesus? Do you talk to him regularly or read his word? You cannot get to Heaven by just knowing a lot about Jesus, you must really know him for yourself. You have to simply ask him to come into your heart and confess your sins. He wants desperately to talk to you. He loves you more than you can imagine and He wants you to know him more. He created you to know him. Jesus has his own blog, it’s called the Bible, read it sometime and get to know him better.


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