House Renovation: Before

We started a renovation on our house in the middle of January. These are some before pictures of the project. We are adding a door and wall to this room, where the half wall is to the right. It will separate two bedroom spaces giving Josh his own room. He does better when he has his own space.

This is our hall bathroom. We only have two bathrooms in the house, so this one sees the most traffic. Currently we are renovating the master bath and bedroom so we are all using this tiny one. It’s quite an adventure with nine people using this bathroom. We’ve been this way for three weeks and probably have 2-3 more to go. We are making it work, but I will be so glad to have two toilets again! After we finish the master bath they will renovate this one. Basically they are taking everything out and putting it all back in as new, but the main improvement will be a shower. This bathroom originally only had a tub. Glenn put up some temporary shower walls and a shower head that attaches to the tub faucet. It’s not great but it does the job for now.

This is our master bath as it was before the demo. It is the same size as the hall bath but only has a shower, no bathtub. We are currently about halfway through the renovation of this bathroom. They removed the shower you see here and knocked through the wall behind it into what was my closet to expand the space. We also moved the door so that we will have a double vanity and jetted tub/shower in this bathroom when it’s finished. The downside is Glenn and I will share a closet, but to have my own bath tub, it was worth the sacrifice.

I will post more pictures next week of the work in progress. I will say we had no idea what to expect going into this project. We had never done major home renovation before. It’s been not as bad in some ways, like the baby has been napping through all the noise surprisingly, and harder in others. There have been slow downs due to supply chain issues and back orders. There are a million small decisions, which tends to overwhelm me at times and the noise and dust is intense to live in the middle of. Overall, I know we will be thrilled to have the finished product.


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