Waiting for change

But God’s not finished. He’s waiting around to be gracious to you.
    He’s gathering strength to show mercy to you.
God takes the time to do everything right—everything.
    Those who wait around for him are the lucky ones.  Isaiah 30:18

There are a few things in our lives right now we are waiting for change in. We want change right now! We want it yesterday. This waiting is not fun. I don’t know if things will ever change in these situations, but I am praying they do. I am believing for change but clearly God’s timing is not mine.

I sat down to read my Bible this morning, actually I had been trying to get a quiet moment to sit and read for a few hours now, but moms know that doesn’t always happen when we want it to. We have to be patient and wait for just the right moment when everyone is occupied and slip away quietly and hope no one notices to come find us. So, I finally got two minutes of quiet and I sat down to read. God had been calling me all morning. Just that still quiet knowing that you need to have a moment with Him but you just can’t seem to find the time. So, I sat down expecting He had something he wanted to say. I read my devotional and it feel flat, honestly. It was good stuff just not anything I really needed right this minute. So I opened my Bible and was headed to Proverbs or Psalms, I can usually find something meaningful there. I got stuck in Isaiah though. God stopped me on this passage I shared above. Israel has been walking their own way, trying to do their own thing apart from God. They are running ahead of God and making a royal mess of it, but he still says he will have mercy on them and do great things among them if they just wait on Him.

Waiting is hard! It is not what I want to do. I want change, I want answered prayers, I want things now. I can’t understand why God waits so long for things sometimes. I do know His timing is perfect, I have seen that in my life before, but I just forget and want things my own way. But God is there to remind me that He isn’t deaf. He has heard my prayers about these situations in my life and He has a plan. He will bring answers in His time. I just have to be patient and wait. So, I will wait. And I will try to have a good attitude and remember good things are coming, because I am waiting for Him to do them and not trying to do something on my own.








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