New Years Resolution

This time of year so many people make New Years Resolutions. Usually they are to give up a bad habit or start a good habit. This year I have a different sort of resolution. First I have a confession to make. I am 36 years old and I really have never learned how to properly put on makeup and as a result I usually don’t wear any. I have been muddling through for the past twenty years or so, but never really mastered it. I feel really inadequate in this department and feel embarrassed that I don’t know what I am doing. Everyone around me seems to know and I don’t. It’s like something that a girl should just know how to do. Having grown up around a bunch of boys I just never really had the occasion to learn, well this year I am going to learn. With the help of YouTube I am teaching myself. I am not getting younger and so it’s kind of now or never. lol

I know I am not the only girl our there who feels inadequate about something like this. As women, we are flooded with images of airbrushed perfect women who have perfect clothes, hair and makeup all the time. They eat right and exercise and seem to have it all together. It makes the rest of us feel like failures. Who has it all together in real life? Not me, that’s for sure. Especially not this week taking care of four sick kids and a husband and two other kids. I am currently in yoga pants, a sweatshirt and ponytail. Thankfully I did get five minutes to shower and brush my teeth this morning, but that is the extent of it. I am not trying to look like someone in a magazine, but I do try hard to look like my best self, at least part of the time. It’s the way I have chosen to fight the ageing process. So, me and you tube are onto a new frontier of makeup. It’s very overwhelming, because there are so many choices out there, but that’s part of the fun of it.


4 thoughts on “New Years Resolution

  1. If you want to go Ulta sometime and have them do your make with different brands I’ll go with you. It’s a fun girls trip and free to try.

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