How you should vote

Never fear, I will not be telling you in this post who you should vote for. To be honest, I, like most people I know, have no idea who I will be voting for in November. But as I have prayed and read and prayed some more about who I should vote for, I have come to the conclusion that we as Christians are going about this in the wrong way. We are very concerned with trying to figure out who we should vote for based on what they believe and who they are as a person, but that is not the issue we should be focused on. Instead, we need to focus on who God wants us to vote for. Again, I will not presume to tell you who that is. That is a very private conversation to be had between each person and God. I’m still praying about my answer to that question. But in my struggle to wrap my mind around who I thought would be the best choice, or the lesser of the evils as the case may be, I realized it doesn’t matter what I think. What matters to me is what He thinks. God is not deaf or dumb. He has an opinion about who he wants to be president and as God often does, it might surprise us. God knows who he wants in office for the next four years to accomplish His purposes in the world. And as someone pointed out so eloquently recently, he can even use a donkey for that purpose. And that is not a political statement, by the way. I mean an actual donkey. So I will rest in the fact that this is up to God and not me to figure out. He is in control and I will pray and vote for whomever I feel he is leading me to vote for. It will not be based on political party or anything else, but only who I feel like He is leading me towards. Then I can rest in the fact that whatever happens in the next four years I have done what I felt God was leading me to and He is in control of it all.


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