On Wednesday we will be moving to a new house across town. The house belongs to my husband’s grandmother who passed away last month. It’s next door to my in-laws and my husband’s aunt and uncle. We knew for a while we would be moving to this house, but it was always in the distant future as Glenn’s grandmother was still living there and doing very well. Although she had cancer for almost a year before she passed, her passing happened very quickly and we found ourselves grieving and moving at the same time. The reason we had to move within a little over a month of her passing was because we needed to move over a school vacation for our two kids who are in school, since they would be changing schools with this move. We needed them to have as much time as possible to adjust to living in a new place before starting a new school. So, we looked at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break or next summer. We ultimately chose Thanksgiving because at Christmas we had plans to go to Disney World. Waiting still spring or next summer seemed too far away and unnecessary. When anticipating such a big change waiting for too long just makes it worse, I think. I would rather just get the change over with and deal with it.

I am putting together the last bits of things into boxes and trying to organize things so that we might be able to find stuff as we need it after we move. That is no small task! Last time we moved, which was 8 years ago we only had two small boys. This is a much larger undertaking. I find myself with such mixed emotions with this move. We have lived in this house for 8 years and added 4 kids to our family in that time. So much has happened, both happy and sad and I don’t quite know how to leave it all. I will have the memories of course, but it’s a loss. Loss is hard. I am excited for the future and to be settled in a place we know we won’t be leaving anytime soon, but I also feel sad to leave here. It has been a good house. In our last move, we only moved down the street to a new house, this is a move across town and feels a little overwhelming to change the places you shop and go everyday. It will be fine, it’s just a change. I am looking forward to it being done with at this point. I am tired of living in two places and working on fixing up this new house in every spare minute. That won’t change just yet, because we still have a lot to do in the new house and we also have some things to do at the old house to get it sold. But within a couple of months we will have that all done, hopefully.

I keep reminding myself that all this change is good and I shouldn’t be worried because it will all work out. But I confess I am in hyper drive right now trying to get it all done and no lose my mind in the process. I know that God has brought us to this place and He will sustain us in the changes. I am leaning on him, I just need to keep leaning and not try to do all this on my own.


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