My baby turns 1!

Ruth and Luke

Happy Birthday Sweet Luke!


Two years ago at Thanksgiving we brought your sister home from Hong Kong. That week I had two dreams about having another baby. I thought it was a crazy idea, especially at that particular time, but God really impressed on us that we should be open to another baby, and not soon after we found out we were expecting you! Right about that time, things begin to get difficult with your sister. We entered the hardest 9 months of our lives. About halfway through my pregnancy with you we were at the altar praying one Sunday for your sister and God spoke to us and told us you would be joy and healing for our family. As time went on things got worse with your sister and it was a very hard time. About that time you were born. Right after you were born the midwife laid you on my tummy and you lifted your head and looked right in my eyes and smiled. I knew right then that God had indeed sent you to us at just the right time and you would bring joy to our family which we so desperately needed. Since your birth, you have brought so much joy to us. You have been our easiest baby by far and hardly ever cry. You are always smiling and such a light in our house. You have also opened your sister’s heart to receive love in a way we never could have. God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave us you at this time in our lives. I want you to remember how much we love you and how blessed we are to be your parents. I also want you to remember that when God asks you to do something, even if it seems crazy at the time and not the right timing at all, that He indeed knows what we need. Follow where He leads. I love you very much my sweet boy, you are a joy in our lives and have brought healing to our hearts.



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