Yesterday my beloved grandma-in-law went to be with Jesus. I am so happy that she had a peaceful home going and is now with so many loved ones she was waiting to see in heaven. She was such a wonderful woman. She was my Mimi too. I knew her longer than I did my own grandmother and spent more time with her. She even opened up her house to me as a college kid for a summer. That’s just the type of person she was. She loved us all so well. She was strong and stubborn at times. She loved to win and hated to lose. She would tell you exactly what she thought but in a nice way. She reached out to those around her and never stopped doing things for the kingdom of God. She was always serving and I knew God has a great reward for her in heaven. She was not your quintessential grandma type. She was spunky and that is what we loved most about her. She had so many adopted grandchildren. Almost everyone I know called her Mimi. She loved others well. She accepted others as they were and inspired them to do better.  I think my son said it best when I asked him how  he was handling the news of her passing. He said, “I am happy that she is happy to be in heaven.” I agree. I am happy that she is happy today, but I am sad for those of us who have to wait to see her again. Mimi, you have left a huge hole down here on earth, but that is a testament to the life you lived.


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