I have been reading a book called Love and War by John Eldredge. It’s a book about marriage. I really like his writing, along with his wife, it’s great stuff. Anyway, one of the chapters talked about this idea that keeps coming up everywhere around me, so I have to write about it. The idea is that of the labels we have on ourselves. If someone asked you to describe yourself what would you say? Shy/outgoing, quiet/loud, organized/messy, creative/logical, tall/short? Whatever. Fill in the blank. Those are the easy labels, but what about the deeper ones? The ones that you have put on yourself or allowed others to put on you.










Those are the difficult ones. The ones we might not want to admit to. The ones we might not even fully realize we have. They come from difficult situations in our pasts and people who have hurt us. They come from ourselves and from words said by others. It doesn’t matter how they came to us, we have believed them and allowed them to stay and define how we see ourselves.

This hits home for me. I would imagine it does with most people, if you will be honest with yourself. We all have labels that we have given ourselves or had given to us. I want you to really think for a few minutes, what your labels are. Push deep down into your soul and be honest with yourself. When I sit for a few minutes and really peel back the false self that most people see and get down to my real self these are the labels I find.





Unable to trust.

Do you have your list? Write them down. Don’t worry I won’t make you list them in the comments section or anything. Now, what are we gonna do with that list? I want you to think about how you got those labels. Mine come from my early childhood wounds. My parents divorce, my adoption, and other experiences or things people have said to me over the years. You know what? I didn’t have any control over most of the things that have caused these labels. And maybe some of it I did. Either way, I have allowed these labels in my life. You cannot have labels without repeating them to yourself. And you repeat them to yourself because you believe they are true. They are not the truth, they are lies. Lies told to you by Satan. A dear friend, how also happens to be my pastor’s wife, pointed out this week that Satan likes to tell us lies and try to get us to believe him and alot of the time we do. We must recognize these labels for what they are, lies. And then we have to rennounce those lies. Pray about it. Stop repeating them to yourself. Instead replace them with positive labels and repeat those to yourself until you believe them. Labels are powerful. They are affecting your life, I guarantee you. It will make a difference if you recognize the lies you are believing and replace those with truth from God’s word.

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Colossians 3:12

Remember who you are. Chosen. Holy. Dearly loved.


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