In 2007 I joined an online message board for women who were trying to get pregnant. We had two kids already and were wanting a third one, preferably a girl. These women were all trying to have a baby. I got to know some of them more than others. One women and I had a special connection because we both had boys the same ages. During that year we both became pregnant and both suffered a miscarriage. I went on to have another miscarriage the next year and so did she. In 2010 I adopted Joshua, and then we got pregnant with Elijah. She was so happy for me that we got to adopt and then were blessed with another baby. She sent me a handmade quilt for Josh. She continued to suffer losses. She lost five precious babies during these last 8 years. I was heartbroken for her. I really struggled with why God would allow such loss. What could He possibly be doing? How much can one person endure? She bravely kept pursuing having another baby. Today I logged into Facebook and saw the most amazing announcement. She finally has another baby here on this earth to love. She had a baby boy this morning! I am beyond thrilled for her and her family!

I tell this story because she could have so easily given up. I think I might have. I don’t know how I would have endured all she has been through. She is one of the bravest women I know. God put a desire in her heart and she went after it. It was hard! Really hard! Gut wrenching! But she kept going. She never gave up and she believed one day she would see her dream fulfilled. It gives me courage. It helps me to take those dreams I have and keep on walking toward them, because someday I believe I will see them fulfilled. I do not believe that God gives us dreams in our hearts for no reason. I think he wants us to keep going, even when things seem hopeless. No situation is hopeless. God is the God of miracles. This baby is a miracle. And God’s timing is perfect. I know she has learned an immeasurable amount through this journey. I also know that someday she will be reunited with those five precious ones in heaven and see them and hold them. Hope is not lost. Keep your chin up. Keep walking forward. Hope is not lost! You are closer to your dream today than you were yesterday. God has a plan and He will reveal it in His time. And someday you will rejoice in his fulfillment just as my friend is rejoicing today!


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