Still pregnant

I’m still pregnant! Ugh! Luke is three days past his due date and I have no end in sight. It’s disappointing and frustrating because my expectations of delivering on or before my due date weren’t realized. To be honest, I am trying not to be depressed about it. I am tired of being pregnant and I just want to have him out here, now! But obviously it’s not his time yet. I get that, I just don’t like it. I recognize that he will be here soon, he can’t stay in there forever. And that I’m being irrational about all this, but It’s just the way I feel. I’ve been trying to distract myself from all the well-meaning people asking me, “are you still pregnant?” Like I can control my situation. Trust me, if it were up to me I would have had him a month ago. Clearly, it’s not up to me. I know he will be here soon, and I won’t even remember all this emotional turmoil a year from now, but right now, I feel fat and miserable. This will all be worth it when I hold him, finally, in my arms, but right now it’s hard. So if you run into someone you know who is overdue with their baby, don’t point out the obvious that they are “still” pregnant. Just smile and tell them it will be over soon, and talk about something else. And if I am still pregnant tomorrow I will do something fun to distract myself and be thankful I am not an elephant with a gestational period of 2 years! Ok, 9.5 months isn’t so bad.


3 thoughts on “Still pregnant

  1. Hi Ruth, I wasn’t sure this would work, but it did, yea! I was 9 days late with my first, 7 with 2nd and 4 with 3rd so I relate. A young friend just got induced (impatience?) and her baby ingested fluid and had to be in NICU. Patience is very difficult at this point but don’t give up! Rebekah had Joseph 9 days late and he was under 7 pounds. Some babies just take longer. Hang in there!

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