Favorite Jordan Moments

Jordan, our middle son, just had a birthday a couple of weeks ago, he turned 8. Since then, I have been thinking about my favorite Jordan stories, so I thought I would share some. He has always been a funny kid and there are tons of stories I could share but I picked my favorite ones.

When Jordan was born I was in some distress. They had given me an epidural and it caused me to have an asthma attack, so I was on oxygen and really freaking out when he was born. They also had to use the vacuum to get him out and he didn’t breathe well initially. So, they took him immediately to the warmer to try to suction him out and we finally heard him cry. Everyone was commenting on how large he was, he was our biggest baby at 9lbs 2oz and 21.5 inches. All of a sudden I heard the nurses laughing and I asked what was going on. They said he had just peed into a box of sterile gloves. We all laughed and he brought what had been some intense moments to a peaceful and funny ending. He came out making people laugh and he hasn’t stopped.


When he was three years old I took him for his well check up and the doctor commented that he could not understand what Jordan was saying and maybe we should have a speech evaluation. So, we did. The speech therapist took him back to a little room with lots of toys and talked to him for a long time. Finally, she came out and told me that he didn’t have any speech issues but the reason other people had a hard time understanding him was because he talked about such random and off the wall things that they couldn’t understand the context of what he was talking about. She said she asked him what he was thinking about and he said, “a monkey balancing on an elephant’s tail.”


Also when he was three, we were at the library one day and I told him he could choose a movie to bring home and watch. He chose a movie and then went up to a nice older gentlemen who was getting some books and invited him to come home and watch the movie with him. The older man handled it well, thank goodness, but then we had to have a conversation about strangers. Jordan has never met a stranger and is still very outgoing.


My last story is not a funny one, but a story I am proud of. Jordan can be very flighty and act like he isn’t paying much attention most of the time. So, you are never sure if what you are saying is really being heard or not. One day right after he had just turned 5 years old, he went with his grandmother to Costco where she worked at the time. While they were there she collapsed and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. Jordan was able to give the employees my phone number to call me and also showed them where her car was so they could get her cell phone out of it. They called me, but by the time I could get there, it was across town, they had taken mom to the hospital and Jordan had to stay behind with the employees by himself. I was a nervous wreck by the time I got to him but he was calmly sitting and having a coke the employees had bought for him. He told me which hospital they had taken mom to and off we went. I was so impressed with my little son, that he actually listened to me when I taught him his phone number and stayed so calm during a very traumatic experience.


Jordan is a special kid, but being a middle child often gets overlooked, especially having so many siblings and ones with special needs. I am excited to see what the future holds for this precious little guy.


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