13 years

Winter 2000 001


15 years ago Glenn and I met. This picture was taken shortly after we started dating. Man we looked like babies!


Wedding kiss 001

13 years ago today, we got married! It was the best decision I ever made.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Then came a sweet little baby, a few years later.


And then another sweet little boy two years later.



And then God blessed us with another very little baby boy three years later.


And then a fourth baby boy came along exactly a year later. Wow, what a blessed year.



But something was missing….


A little girl waited in Hong Kong for a family….and then she came home to her family.

007 (2)

It was not an easy transition but she is learning what it means to be apart of our family.


And then God blessed us with another little boy…..he arrives this fall. (notice the baby bump in the back of this photo). What a wonderful and busy 13 years we have had. I wouldn’t change any of this journey God has blessed us with. I don’t know what the next 13 years will bring, but  I know we have been blessed!


Happy 13th anniversary Honey!


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