What not to wear, mom edition….

My life is crazy right now and stressful and I don’t really feel like writing about it at present, I will get there but not today. Today I wanted to do a fun post about something I have been thinking about recently. Clothes! I like clothes and have become more fashion conscious since turning 30, thank goodness because you should see my high school photos…yikes! I became more fashion conscious by looking at moms who are around my age and have kids who are approaching teenagedom. I realized I wanted to look 30 and not 50. Cuz I gotta say some of my fellow moms are not helping themselves look young with what they wear. So, I have compiled a list of fashion rules for moms, here goes:

1. Leggings are not pants. Seriously! Even if you are perfectly shaped, (and who is?) we don’t want to see it up close and personal like that. Leggings are meant to be worn with a long shirt of some type, one that COVERS your behind.

2. No mom jeans. You know what I mean. The ones from the 80’s and 90’s that have high waists. High waisted pants are not flattering to most body types, and if you have had a kid, ever, don’t wear them!!! Instead you should try either the skinny jeans, and no you don’t need to be anorexic to pull that off, or the straight leg jeans. Also try a dark wash color, it will take pounds off, I promise.

3. No jumpers. Not a good idea, ever!

4. Wear shoes that do not have the word “athletic” in them unless you are doing some sport or exercise. They don’t need to be 6 inch heals, but get some cute and trendy shoes.

5. If you are wearing shoulder pads you better be doing a contact sport.

6. No shopping in the juniors section. If you are 30 or up, you really need to not shop in juniors. They have adult ladies sections that have cute clothes, I promise. The one exception would be for those of us who have no butt to speak of, juniors pants fit better than ladies pants.

7. Accessorize. Wear some jewelry once in a while and not just to a wedding or other special occasion. It helps your look, and is easy to do.

8. Take care of yourself and brush your hair every now and then. For that matter, go get your hair done. It’s okay to spend time and money on your appearance. I know every cent that comes into your house could easily be spent on your kids or husband, I get it. However, don’t neglect yourself. Don’t feel guilty spending money on yourself. Obviously, don’t go crazy here, I am not suggesting financial irresponsibility, but spending money on yourself every now and then will not make your family go hungry, I promise.

9. If you have had some garment for more than 5 years, it’s time to get rid of it. It’s most likely not in fashion anymore.

10. Window shop and watch shows like “what not to wear”. I knew nothing about fashion a few years ago, I have evidence to prove that. I thought fashion was for rich people or vain people. Not true! It’s for everyone. You are worth more than looking bad. Everything I have learned is from watching tv shows and looking at mannequins in windows of stores that have clothing I like.

11. Find your personal style. You don’t need to look like everyone else. Be secure in yourself and wear what you like, as long as you feel you look nice, that is all that matters.

12. Get over it and try a thrift store. Most of my clothes come from thrift stores like Goodwill. If you are willing to spend some time looking you can find some great, really nice clothes at places like that. And save money!!

Looking fashionable will boast your self-confidence and will help your marriage. Just ask your husband. And your kids will be less embarrassed to be seen in public with you.


4 thoughts on “What not to wear, mom edition….

  1. I wish my feet would tolerate wearing cute shoes while running errands and hanging around the house! Also wish I had the patience for thrift stores. Great tips, Ruth! I think I’ll try to watch some of those fashions shows.

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