A God thing

I was sitting in my car yesterday waiting to go to my doctor’s appointment. I was going to have an ultrasound on our newest little baby. I was not excited. As I said in my last post, I don’t like ultrasounds ever since I had my two miscarriages because they bring bad news. I was not thrilled about this one because I was really early on in my pregnancy, only 5 weeks 2 days, and they wanted to do an ultrasound, but I knew they were unlikely to see anything. At that point you might see a gestational sac, but very unlikely to see a baby and especially not a heartbeat. As I sat in my car praying a preacher came on the radio talking about Gideon. He was talking about how sometimes God puts you in a situation that seems impossible and that you have no control over so that when things turn out well all you can say is, “it’s a God thing.”

We went inside and I got ready for the ultrasound. I told the tech I wasn’t sure we were going to see anything and she agreed. We started the ultrasound and immediately we saw the gestational sac and a little flicker inside it. A heartbeat. I was shocked, honestly. She said she thought she could get it to count the  beats and it was 95. The tech was surprised as well. She said it is very rare to see a heartbeat that early. The baby was measuring 3 days ahead as well.

We were thankful. I had prayed that maybe we would get to see the heartbeat because not seeing it would have been really hard for me even though I knew we most likely wouldn’t. God came through and allowed us that chance. I am thankful that we got to see that and that everything is going well so far. I know there is nothing I can do to cause this pregnancy to be successful or not, that is in God’s hands. And if we do get to hold a sweet little baby at the end of all this it will only be because it was God’s doing. You don’t realize how precious and what a gift life is until you have faced loosing it. The miscarriages have made me grateful and thankful for each life God has given us in our children, and we pray He continues to bless this newest little one.


One thought on “A God thing

  1. You are so right! Ones whole perspective on life and pregnancy changes once loss is experienced. Praying for you all, especially for peace during this exciting and scary time. Love and prayers!

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