10 facts about Ruth

After posting such weighty, serious posts about our family struggles lately, I thought I would do something fun. It’s Friday!


So, here are 10 little known facts about Ruth:

1. I hate call waiting! With a passion. I refuse to use it, even though I have it. I think it’s rude to stop talking to someone you are talking with just to talk to someone else. The one exception would be if you are waiting on an important call and have informed the person you are talking to about the situation beforehand. Otherwise, call waiting says to me, “you are not as important as this other person.” I know I might be the only person on earth who thinks that call waiting is not the greatest invention ever, but that’s just me.

2. I don’t like peanut butter. I don’t like to eat it, smell it or touch it, although I lovingly make sandwiches out of it every day for my kids. Love you guys bunches!

3. I am not a morning person. Of course, my family knows this all too well. In fact, they know I will not be heard saying anything coherent before 9am, ever. And one should not talk to me and expect anything other than grunting before said time. Go figure I am married to someone who gets up at 5am for fun everyday. God has a sense of humor.

4. I don’t have a cell phone. Okay, I do have a prepaid phone that I use in emergencies. And by emergencies I mean stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, emergencies. Not, I am in this store and I wondered if you like pink or blue shirts, emergencies. I don’t like the idea of people being able to get in touch with me whenever they want and I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices for cell phone service and phones. I do live with someone who is addicted to his iPhone though, again, opposites.

5. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. You get to see all the family but don’t have to worry about shopping for people. And eat good food too!

6. I don’t like going to movies. I find them a waste of time and money, most of the time. I also really hate going to movies as a way to “spend time together”, like out on a date. I don’t see the point. You sit in a dark room and cannot talk to the person you are with and can’t even see them. How is that spending time together? You might as well be there alone.

7. I love babies! I guess you could have figured that out since we have five kids. I really love babies and toddlers until they are about 2.5, then I would rather they live with someone else until they are 4. lol. Recently, I have decided they should also live somewhere else when they turn 9 and I haven’t yet decided when they should come back home. I will let you know when we get to that point with my two oldest. šŸ™‚

8. I have an unusual sense of style. I enjoy not looking like everyone else and I will wear things a lot of people wouldn’t. 90% of my wardrobe comes from Goodwill and I am proud of that fact, it means I am thrifty. I would describe myself as a little bit country and a little bit biker girl. Hence my latest leather jacket purchase.

9. I am not very organized and a bit impulsive. I know I don’t put off that sort of vibe, but I really am not good with organizing physical stuff. I can organize time and people pretty well, but when it comes to papers and stuff, I have what I call “organized piles”. My husband is the overly organized person at our house and I drive him crazy. šŸ™‚ I make decisions very quickly and sometimes live to regret that, but not much. I like being spontaneous, I think planning stuff can be really boring.

10. I think craft should be a four letter word. I really want to like crafts and all that, but I just want to poke my eyes out when I try to do them. I think it comes from not being a perfectionist. I think in order to be a crafter you have to be a bit perfectionistic and also patient. I am neither. I do like baking and reading though. I should get some mommy points for that I think.




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