Travel Updates: Day 3

Please forgive the lateness of this post,  I had a doctor’s check up this morning and just got home.

I spoke to Glenn early this morning and got a report from his day. He traveled to the offices of the adoption agency in Hong Kong before lunchtime and met with our social worker who gave him lots of papers. He got her visa and passport and also some photo albums of her life. I am so glad to have those, I was worried we might not have any pictures from her first 11 years, but we do, four books worth! Then they all traveled to Ti Pai where Elizabeth’s school is located and had lunch before meeting her. They arrived at her school and had to wait a while before she was done with class. Then she and her class arrived in the courtyard of the school where Glenn was waiting. Elizabeth immediately saw Glenn and smiled at him, but then hid behind her teacher. After some coaxing they got her to go over to him and meet him. Then they had arranged for the whole class and Glenn to go on a hike nearby for the afternoon. Elizabeth held Glenn’s hand the entire time on the hike and allowed him to feed her a snack. She played little games with him and mimicked him. Then the hike was over and it was time for dinner. He took her back to the school cafeteria and she went to her seat and he said bye to her. He went out into the hallway to speak with the teacher and Elizabeth came to the window to look for him and wave bye one more time. Overall, the meeting went very well and was a lot better than we thought it might be.

Tomorrow(tonight our time) Glenn will go back to the school and learn more about her daily routine and life there at school. He is really looking forward to it and I am looking forward to hearing about it. One thing we learned is that we have been pronouncing her name incorrectly. Her Chinese name is Ka Ki and I was pronouncing it Kha Kee, but it should be pronounced Gaw Kay. I am not sure what she will think about her name change to Elizabeth but we will see in time how she handles it. Glenn describes her personality much like our middle son, Jordan. She is outgoing, charming and a ham. I can only imagine what living with two Jordan’s will be like, for those of you who know him. 🙂 He does say she has a stubborn side much like Joshua and knows what she wants and doesn’t want and makes her opinion known. She sounds much more outgoing than I would have thought, which is good. I am so relieved that she took to Glenn so quickly, and I am hoping she will respond to me similarly.

Please pray for Glenn as he and Tonda learn about how to care for Elizabeth and more how to communicate with her tomorrow. Please pray for Elizabeth as she makes this transition and leaves this school. She has one caregiver that she is particularly attached to that Glenn thinks may be very hard for her to leave, so please be praying for her as Saturday approaches and she must leave this life she has known. I haven’t gotten any pictures or video from Glenn yet, but hopefully tomorrow. I will post it as soon as I get it.


7 thoughts on “Travel Updates: Day 3

  1. Praise the Lord! I know Glenn’s heart is overflowing! Praying for the transition & praying for you. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the testimony!

  2. Soon your picture will change on your Blog! See – her middle name (Kay) is the same as “Greatest Aunt Karen” 🙂 What a great sign! We are following your posts and praying with you and for you. I can’t even imagine what is going through her little mind.

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