I didn’t get it…

I didn’t get it before I had kids. I didn’t get it after we had Sam and Jordan. I didn’t get it after we lost two babies. I didn’t get it after we adopted Joshua. I didn’t get it until we were in this adoption process. I didn’t get that there are children in the world who are in need and we are commanded to do something about it. Yeah, this is another post pleading for people to “get it” and do something to help needy children around the world. If you don’t want to feel bad, then stop reading now….. If you don’t want to have God speak to you for the ten millionth time about this issue, stop reading now…. If you don’t want to open your heart to “getting it”, then stop reading now….

Why didn’t I get it before about two years ago? Because no one told me. I don’t want anyone to ever be able to say that who comes in contact with me. I don’t want them to be able to say, “I didn’t do anything about the orphan crisis because I didn’t know.” So, what made me ‘get it’? Reading blogs about the orphan crisis and opening my heart and asking God what he would have me do about it. That is not a comfortable or easy process.

The facts:

-Adoption is not the only way to help children who are in crisis in the world. There is child sponsorship and other ways to help. But adoption is the one I am most passionate about. Why? Because there are 153 million orphans right now worldwide. That is a huge number.

-Most of those orphans are older, part of a sibling group or have some special need.

-If these children are not adopted by the time they reach their middle teen years they will likely be either put out onto the street to fend for themselves, which leads to a life of crime and child exploitation or they will be put into a mental institution where 90% will die within the first year.

What can we do?

We can adopt. Many of these children wait on child waiting lists, just waiting for a family. Many people say they cannot adopt. Most of the reasons people give for not adopting are ones that can be overcome.

Worried about money? I can testify that God will provide that money when it is needed. Step out in faith.

Worried about time? God can provide for that as well. Do you already have two kids or four? That’s great! You are an experienced parent, just what is needed to parent a child with special circumstances.

Worried about parenting a special needs child? Is is challenging? Yes. But well worth the effort. God can give you the strength to do that.

Worried you aren’t a good enough parent? I know you are a better parent than no parent at all. No parent is perfect, I know I am not. God works on me daily to make me a better parent and some days I do okay, most I don’t.

Ask the Lord what he would have you do? You might be surprised at what he calls you to, we sure were. I never would have thought I would have five kids, two with special needs. That was not in my plan, but God broke my heart for special needs children and I am so glad he did. What an honor to be used in this way.

There are so many precious children who need homes, please ask God to open your heart to what he would have you do.

This is a letter from a boy who needs a family to commit to him before he turns 14 in December. He is longing for a family, if he does not get a family he will be turned out into the street with nothing. Read this letter and allow God to break your heart for this boy and others like him.

 Want to Have a Home

“Whenever I see the kids in the school have their own mom and dad, I hope I can have a home. There are dad, mom, brothers and sisters. What a happy life it is! After school, I saw a lot of parents waiting for their children at the school gate. The children can tell their mom and dad that they made new friends and learned a lot of knowledge in school, and teachers also awarded a little red flower. Although I won small red flowers, learned knowledge, made friends, whom can I tell? So I really want to have a home. Every time, someone got 100 points in exam and back home to tell their mom and dad. They are so happy. But I, although also got 100 points, but not so happy. I want to have a home. So I have mom and dad picked me up after school. I can tell mom and dad that I got 100 points.

Who can give me a home? I want to have a home. If I have a home, I will care for the family, love the family, and love all the people in the family.”



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