The dishwasher

I have a brand new very nice dishwasher sitting in my kitchen. It has been here for a month now. We bought it when our old dishwasher wasn’t working well anymore. We went to a discount outlet and bought this really nice $1300 dishwasher for $500. We got a great deal! We were so excited about the light inside and the computer technology it has. It can wash 16 place settings at one time! Boy do we need that with our soon to be 5 kids. I feel like all I do is wash dishes. The dishwasher is all installed and ready to go except two small pieces of metal called mounting brackets. They are to hold the dishwasher to the cabinets so it doesn’t damage anything when it runs. We have spent the last month trying to get these little pieces of metal that were missing from our lovely dishwasher. Still no luck. So this dishwasher sits in our kitchen, it looks great but we can’t run it. So, we wash dishes by hand. I will be so thankful when it’s fixed.

I started thinking about this dishwasher, it looks great and would be very effective at cleaning dishes, which is what it’s supposed to do except it we can’t use it. It reminds me of some people I know. They look so lovely on the outside. They say the right things and look like they would be so effective in life, but yet do nothing really meaningful. If a dishwasher doesn’t wash dishes it’s useless. It’s really just taking up space in our house right now, because it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. We have all been given gifts and talents and we are supposed to use those to help others, but so many of us don’t. For whatever reason we choose not to be effective. We look the part on the outside, like we have it all together, but on the inside you will see some missing parts that mean we can’t run as we should. Just like my dishwasher.

Maybe we are missing courage. The courage to do something that we feel led to do because we might look silly.

Maybe we are missing direction. In order to do what God has called us to do we have to ask Him what that is. That can be hard to do because we often don’t want to know the truth, it might be scary.

We might be missing honestly. Sometimes we know what we are supposed to do but don’t want to be honest with ourselves about what that thing is because we don’t want to do it.

We might be missing timing. It could be that it’s just not the right time for us, but we have to be careful to wait patiently but also be ready to move into action when the right time comes along.

Whatever the reason we are being ineffective it’s not what God wants for our lives. He didn’t make us with lots of talents and gifts for us to sit idle and look pretty like my dishwasher, but never do anything.

Are you using your gifts for God? Are you being effective or are you sitting idle like my dishwasher?


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