A little lady who needs a chance

I read many blogs from other adoptive moms. One really came to my attention this week. It is advocating for a little girl who is 14 years old and needs a family desperately. You can read all  about her here http://www.nogreaterjoymom.com/2013/09/because-nothing-is-impossible.html I don’t normally advocate for specific children not because there isn’t a need, but because honestly it just breaks my heart that there are children out there who need homes. I realize it’s unlikely that anyone reading my blog is in the position to adopt, but I feel like I have to at least try with this little girl. She is in China and when you turn 15 in China and have not been adopted yet, you are no longer eligible for adoption. That means you have to spend your life in a mental institution. Sometimes these mental institutions are not nice places to be, I am not sure they ever are. I cannot imagine this lovely little girl who is singing on a video would spend her days in a mental institution with mentally ill adults. That breaks my heart. She has so much potential. She has Down Syndrome and is high functioning. She waits because of her age. If you have ever considered adoption, please pray about it and see if this might be your daughter. I never thought we would be adopting a 10-year-old little girl with severe delays, but God has called us to her. She will be such a blessing to us and this little girl will bless whatever family is blessed enough to open their hearts to her. Please spread that word that this little girl needs a home. She turns 15 soon and needs a family to step up before then to adopt her. We cannot turn a blind eye to those in need, this little girl and so many more like her, deserve us to see them. REALLY SEE THEM. This is a real child in a real orphanage in China who needs us. Please consider her.


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