I shouldn’t have got out of bed….

I knew it would be one of those days when I was on my way to the eye doctor with my two toddler boys and the engine light on my van came on. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but we have to get the van inspected this month and the engine light has been on. The car mechanic turned it off, because there is nothing wrong with the car, and told us to drive 70 miles and come back if the light stayed off. So, I had an early appointment with the eye doctor and then I was going to get the van inspected, no such luck.

I get to the eye doctor’s office, one I haven’t been to before. We have gone to another eye doctor every year since my son was in NICU but that doctor retired so off we go to a new office. The old office was only for kids and had lots of toys. I assumed, and you all know what happens when you assume, that this office would be similar. I walk in and am greeting by lovely decor and quietly waiting older people and not a toy in sight. As I am checking in I have a moment of panic realizing that I have only two toy cars in my purse and we will be in this waiting room for 2 hours because that is how long it takes to dilate my sons eyes,  2 toy cars + 2 hours in waiting room = disaster!

I am sitting there waiting, trying not to freak out wondering what would happen if I just left, when the nurse calls my son’s name. At that exact moment a car flies out of my son’s hand and hits me in the eye. Ironic since I am at the eye doctor. I try to brush it off and follow the nurse who had not noticed the flying car back to the exam room. The combination of my eye, which is now really starting to hurt and the realization of what torture lies ahead of me, two more hours in that waiting room with my kids, led me to a dark moment. I have never in my life cried in the middle of a doctor’s office, but yesterday I did. I am following the nurse with tears streaming down my face all the while searching for an emergency exit to escape, while telling myself, “come on what is wrong with you, get it together?” I do not cry in public. That’s just not me. I was horrified that no matter what I did tears kept coming. I sat down in the little room and pretended there was something in my eye to explain the tears while the nurse asked me a bunch of questions about my son. She proceeded to put the first set of drops in his eyes, which he loved (insert sarcasm) and then turned on this little TV and left me in this room with these two boys and a lot of expensive eye equipment. It was at that moment that I realized I had to take charge of this situation or I really was going to lose it. So, I went into the hall and asked the nurse if there was somewhere else we could wait. She led us into mecca. A little room with a TV and TOYS! Thank the Lord. 10 minutes later my sons eyes were still not dilating and they wanted to move us to a darker room, back to the little exam room with the expensive equipment and a TV that is supposed to make my two toddler boys sit still and quiet, HAHA. So, I go back to the room with the toys, when no one is looking, and take them all into the little room with me, they can thank me later for saving the eye equipment. 🙂

Everything went well with the eye exam and fortunately we don’t have to endure that again until next year. I took my cherubs home and wrestled them down for a nap. Then the eye doctor’s office called to tell me that I had left my sons diaper bag there. Part of me wanted to just leave it there but I knew it needed it, so after picking up the other two boys from school off we went to get it. My boys got into the car and were being wild. We survived the rest of the afternoon and evening, since my husband worked late and I won mom of the day award at 7:30pm when I put the kids in bed and my second child said, “But mom, it’s not even bed time yet”. I responded, “yes, but I am tired of dealing with you guys so you’re going to bed.” Then I went to my room to examine the large red spot I have under my eye from the flying car and fold four loads of laundry.

Somedays being a mom is really hard and I will admit that while I was in the car on the way up to the doctor’s office I was thinking of ways to escape motherhood and go to a deserted island for a while. Normally, I end these type of posts with some cliché about it being all worth it or something, but honestly I am not there yet. Maybe tomorrow. lol


7 thoughts on “I shouldn’t have got out of bed….

  1. Haha!! I hear you! And thank you for not trying to end this post with something positive when you’re not feeling it. I prefer the more honest approach. 🙂

  2. Wow. Glad it was you not me, lol. We both know I have had plenty of those days!
    I agree with Leisa. The “more honest approach” makes the rest of us feel normal.

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