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Yesterday there was a blog post written by another mom that I saw on Facebook. The link is here

The post is about a mom with a message to the teenage girls who are friends on social media with her teenage sons. It talks about the pictures they take of themselves and post on the internet and send to her sons. She came down pretty hard on the girls and asked them to be more careful about what they post or she would not allow her sons to be friends with them on social media. This mom has gotten some serious negative feedback from this blog post, but I have to say I support it. 

Call me old-fashioned but I have to say that this mom was right in her putting some responsibility on the part of girls on social media to watch what they post. These girls are not posting nude photos or anything, but the photos they are posting are provocative. Those who are against this mom are saying that it’s not the girl’s responsibility what I guy may think of her no matter what she wears or what pictures she posts. I disagree. I have seen some of my own friends on Facebook post photos that are questionable. It’s not that they are lude or anything but it’s about how they are posing and what type of clothing they are wearing. It’s attitude. I have noticed recently that teenage girls have a trend of taking photos of themselves in mirrors called selfies. There is nothing wrong with this, however, when it is done without thought I think it can be bad. Some of these photos I have seen are girls who might not realize what they are saying with their body language. They are trying to look sexy and it certainly comes across that way. I have to say as a mom of boys who will soon be teenagers, if my son has a friend on social media who has photos of herself looking provocatively,even if she is wearing clothing, I will have a serious talk with him about being friends with her. It’s all about what these photos are trying to say. When I see a girl who has taken a provocative photo or even one that looks like it should be on the cover of Vogue it makes me wonder what they were thinking or if the were. I am going to assume these young ladies have just not thought through the message they are sending about themselves in such photos. 

Ladies, please know that when you put photos of yourselves in sexy poses up on the internet you are sending a message to young men. That message is that you want to be seen as a sex object. That is not the message you want to send to young men who you may want to have a relationship with, I hope. It shows a lack of self-respect. In the same way, we as women have a responsibility with what we wear. Men are visual creatures. You as woman have a duty to try to dress in a way that says, “please respect me as a lady”. Wearing clothing that is not modest does not say that. I am sure some think I am archaic for suggesting that we as woman, particularly christian woman, have a duty to the men in our lives to not dress immodestly so as to keep them from stumbling. The clothes you wear say something about you, whether you realize it or not. They either say you are a lady and to be respected, or they say you are not. 

Now, I know I don’t have a daughter yet, and some will say I don’t understand teenage girls. Well, I am about to have a 10-year-old and we are working really hard to dress her in a way that shows she is a little lady. It’s not an easy feat in today’s world to find girl’s clothes that are modest, but we are trying. 

My point is, ladies please think about what you post on the internet and how you dress. Whether you know it or not you are sending a message with how you look. I know as a teenager you want to get guys to notice you, but dressing provocatively and taking pictures in sexy poses is not the way you want to do that. You will look back in ten or twenty years and wish you could do things differently. What is your appearance saying about you?


One thought on “My two cents…

  1. Very well said. I agree. If someone leaves something in the floor and you trip over it and break your toe, how does that end? The nice version is that they apologize and make every effort to be neater so no more toes are broken. You could have been more careful while walking, but they held a large part of the responsibility in leaving the hazard out. So yes, young men can learn to steer around these tempting obstacles, but young women can put their efforts into not setting young men up for failure. And young men can contribute to the success of young women as they learn to be polite and respectful to the ladies. If each one takes the position of “helper” and “encourager” rather than defender, the results would be obvious and wonderful.

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