We are getting so close to our daughter coming home! I can’t believe she will be here in just a few months. We have finally gotten the last few things for her room and it is almost ready. We moved Joshua into the boys room now, so that she can have a room all to herself and so we can sleep in there more comfortably with her for the first few weeks she is home and adjusting. A dear friend finished our butterfly puzzle for us and it is ready to be hung up in her room. The butterfly puzzle was the first fundraiser we did for Elizabeth’s adoption back in the spring of last year. I bought this beautiful puzzle shaped like a butterfly and it had 1000 pieces. I totally didn’t think about having to actually put that together when I bought it. Once we opened the box and realized how small the pieces were we knew we would never be able to do it ourselves, so a friend was kind enough to spend two weeks doing it for us. She mounted it on a large art board and painted the board. It is huge! It will take up a whole wall almost. It is beautiful though and it is a great reminder to her and us of all those people who lovingly supported her adoption and helped us bring her home into our family. And it reminds us of what God has done through those people.

We started buying some clothes and shoes for her. And we got my old dollhouse out of storage so we can begin to clean it up and paint it for her, since she likes dolls. We are really starting to see that we are bringing a daughter home finally after all this time waiting. She was promised to us 5 years ago and she is finally coming home.

Please pray for her and us as we prepare for this transition. It will be an adjustment for all of us. Please pray for travel plans, there are so many moving parts and trying to make travel plans when you get only two weeks notice on a specific date is hard. We have found plane tickets that are $500 cheaper than we anticipated, and we are hopeful they will still be that cheap when we need them. And we have a connection in Hong Kong of a friend who we can stay with which will greatly reduce the cost of our trip, but her house is only open at certain times, so please pray we can stay with her. Financially it will be the difference of about $1000. I know God has all these details worked out and I do my best not to think about them, since I cannot do anything about any of it, but sometimes my mind gets wrapped up in the what if’s.


One thought on “Nesting

  1. And what if God just continues to totally knock your socks off as He has done throughout this process?!?! We can’t wait to know you are all home together…all 7!
    (P.S. I love Jordan’s face in that picture.)

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