I-800 Approval

Yesterday, on our anniversary, we got a letter stating that our I-800 was approved. That means our daughter’s visa to enter the US has been approved. Next, the US sends a letter to Hong Kong letting them know she has been approved and they will begin our court process to gain guardianship. We are thrilled to have gotten a great anniversary present. And now we just sit back and let the court process go on as it will (usually 10-12 weeks). We don’t have any more paperwork to do! I am so happy to be done with that I can’t even say. I will say though, that I now have a greater understanding and empathy for those who come into this country illegally. It took us nearly a year and $1000 to get through the process of getting our daughter’s visa. I would bet if the government would make that process a little easier and less costly, then more people would be inclined to enter the country with the correct paperwork. But that is a whole other can of worms. 🙂


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