The talk

Our oldest son Samuel is 9. We have quickly realized that he is ready for “the talk”. He has friends around him who are starting to make comments about the birds and the bees and we don’t want him to find out this stuff from his peers. So, I picked up the book Preparing for Adolescence from our library, written by James Dobson a million years ago. It’s the same one my mom used with me. I read through it and it just confirms that while Samuel might be at the point of being ready to hear this information, I am not sure Glenn or I are ready to share it. 🙂 I guess no parent really is. Our biggest issue is how to share the information and when. I heard on Christian radio about the Passport to Purity CD set from Family Life. It talks about the necessary information as well as other teen subjects like dating and peer pressure. I think we are going to buy that set and Glenn is going to take Samuel on an overnight trip to share it together. I just can’t believe we are already here at the point of our son becoming a teenager and dealing with such things. Where did childhood go? And now bringing home an almost 11-year-old girl we are being thrown in to this whole preteen thing full force it feels like. I am currently reading the book Bringing up Girls. It’s really good, but sometimes I wonder what I am getting myself into with a girl? I am one, but I don’t remember myself being as complicated as it sounds to go through raising one, especially one on the cusp of teenagerdom. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience in “the talk” with their child? At what age did you have the talk? And if you used a book or something to facilitate the talk, which one and would you recommend it?


2 thoughts on “The talk

  1. One book Harmony & I read together was by American Girl. It was called The Care & Keeping of You. It brought things to her level (complete with pictures) & opened up a dialogue between us. She felt free to ask questions. We first checked the book out when she was 9. With girls you begin to see outward signs of “blossoming”. Also they are developing much earlier today than when we were girls. So when I started seeing the”signs”, I knew we should begin talking. It wasn’t one single talk really. It has been a continuous dialogue. I was determined to be open & honest with her & not treat the situation as something to be embarrassed about. A relationship & openness I missed having with my own mother.

  2. I think Jeremy told Glenn what he did with all 3 of ours at the same time. that may be a bit too blatant for Glenn, though 🙂
    I have also thought about purchasing Passion for Purity but don’t think we’ll do that until the girl interest actually starts.

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