1st day


This is my adorable 3-year-old, Joshua. He went to his first day of preschool yesterday. It’s April, you say? Yes, I know, but the school system starts kids in EC preschool whenever they turn three. Weird, I know. He is going to a self-contained preschool for exceptional kids two days a week. He goes from 7:45am to 2:45pm, it a long day for me. 🙂 Yesterday morning he got his backpack, which is as big as he is, and was ready to go. When we got to school his teacher got him out of the car and he was gone. He did great, I was a wreck. When did my little 2 lb baby get this big? He ate school food for the first time and did really well in class and with the other kids. He has 8 kids in his classroom with a teacher and assistant. He gets speech therapy once a week and the classroom teacher is EC trained. He is going to do great and we are hopeful that with attending this class for two years when he goes to Kindergarten he will be in a regular classroom. I never thought we would be here, attending a self-contained class, but I couldn’t ask for a better teacher and school. We are blessed. I have to get used to letting him go. You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge. It’s best for him for us to acknowledge his issues and deal with them now, rather than pretend everything is fine and have him fall behind in real school. I just can’t believe my three-year old is wearing school uniforms and going to school all day two days a week. I am officially a taxi driver with two car lines everyday, but you do what you have to for your kids. My little guys are growing up.


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