Adoption Ministry

Over the past 6 months or so Glenn and I have felt like we should start an adoption ministry to families connected in some way to adoption, whether they are adoptive parents, in the process of adoption, contemplating adoption or just want to support an adoptive family around them. We know we cannot adopt all the orphans of the world but we can mobilize and support others around us. Just how can we do this? I am not exactly sure but I have been praying for God to open doors. Recently, I have a had a few such doors open to us.

I have been thinking about starting a class at our church for families connected to adoption, those types of families I listed above. But what do you teach and how do you do it and how often, the questions go on and on. So, the other day after Glenn and I have a long conversation about trying to answer all these questions, my father in law brought me a packet of stuff. Inside the packet is a DVD curriculum for adoptive families. Wow. So, the “what will I teach?” question got answered. So, after Easter we are going to explore the where and when questions.

The second door is families coming out of the woodwork who are connected with adoption and would like to be apart of a larger community. I was wondering if I was the only one who felt the need to connect with others who have been impacted by adoption, but I am finding that isn’t the case.

The third door is that I was asked by our adoption agency to present our adoption story at the next interest meeting for the agency. We have presented at other types of things for the agency, like a fundraiser dinner, but we have never done this particular meeting. We are excited to share our story with other families who are just starting the adoption process. We are a unique family with both transracial and special needs involved and I am hoping I can show other families that you can reach out to a child from another race, who might have some challenges, and be blessed in doing so. All that seems so scary until you see another family who has done it and then it doesn’t seem so bad. It will also be a great opportunity for our social worker to help us with our many questions about our adoption ministry.

Ask and you shall receive. If God wants something done, He will open the doors for it to happen, you just have to keep walking.


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