Stuck in Columbia

As I bemoan my situation of waiting for some progress on our adoption, I read this morning about a friend of mine in a much worse situation. When we first started our adoption process the very first little girl I found that I thought might be a good fit for our family was on the website. (Great website by the way, it’s a listing of children with special needs who desperately need homes around the world) Her name was Sarah and she had Down Syndrome and was in Columbia. Obviously, she wasn’t the child for us as she had already been claimed by a single mom from the northwest. I have since been following this mom’s journey to get Sarah. In Columbia you have to travel to get your child and stay for 6 weeks in country for the court process. So, in the middle of January Sarah’s mom travelled to get her daughter after almost a year of paperwork. Now, they are still in Columbia but aren’t making any progress. The adoption decree is all they are waiting on to be able to come home, but before it goes to the judge to sign there is a typo that a secretary made that needs to be fixed. This secretary keeps saying she will do it “tomorrow” but it’s been over a week now. Sarah and her mom are tired and sick and just want to come home. Please pray for them, that God will move mountains and they will get the papers they need to be able to come home. I cannot imagine how frustrating it must be for them not knowing how long they may have to wait on one woman to fix a typo!


2 thoughts on “Stuck in Columbia

  1. Crazy! Praying for them…and for the secretary!! Maybe every time she looks at a stack of paper today that piece will always be on top. Sarah’s guardian angel can just keep putting it there 🙂

  2. Wow, responding to a divine call to adopt, having the heart and willingness to give a child a home and then having to wait on people to get out of the way must be maddening!

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