What’s a girl to eat?

I have been doing some research on food and it’s effects on our bodies. I have quickly realized that there are a million opinions on what one should eat and I find myself more confused after reading lots of information than before I did. I wish it was simple, I wish you could go to the store and buy what you want to eat and there weren’t a hundred different kinds of ketchup. This is one of the reasons I like Aldi, there is usually only one brand of things. If you want ketchup, you find it and don’t have to think about which brand is cheapest, or more healthy because there is only one to choose from. I am easily overwhelmed by choices. I am sure some people think that is weird, but it’s true. So, in trying to discover what I should and shouldn’t be eating and feeding my family, I again am overwhelmed by choice. I have decided from my readings to make the following changes and I will explain why. First, I must say that my dear husband has suggested I make a few changes at a time and trying to stick with them. He knows me well enough to know and has been married to me long enough, that he has seen many a fad come and go in this house. I get all worked up about something and make crazy changes and then they only last a few months at most. The ones that I have sustained longer than that are ones that are not too difficult and save me money. Those are my priorities I guess, saving time and money. However, with food that isn’t usually going to lead to eating what is healthy, which is why our diet is not so great right now.

One of the reasons I have decided to make these changes is for my family’s health. Two of my kids, Elijah and Jordan, have bad asthma and have really struggled this year, each having pneumonia three times. Elijah is on all sort of meds right now and still struggles. Samuel is healthy but is a big guy and if we aren’t careful could end up overweight. Joshua has ADHD tendencies and it has already been suggested by doctors that we medicate him which I don’t want to do right now. And Glenn and I aren’t getting any younger. I have read some studies that suggest that limiting sugar intake and increasing vegetables and fruit helps with controlling asthma, ADHD symptoms and weight gain. Sounds like a winner to me, so off we go.

1. We are going to limit sugar intake. How? Well, I am sad to admit my kids eat a lot of processed refined sugar products in the form of fruit snacks, graham crackers, animal crackers and koolaid. It’s cheap and easy and I give into them. So, we are going to replace all that garbage with water, fruit juice, dried fruit, pretzels, and popcorn. This is going to be hard because I have read that coming off sugar is much like detoxing from cocaine, as sugar has similar effects on the brain. Joshua is going to be a bear, I am prepared for a fight. Overall, I have read it will help with his moods and impulsiveness though, and I would do anything to get some more control on that front.

2. Organic whole milk. Why? Currently we drink 2% regular milk. I have read that reduced fat and skim milk do nothing for weight control and in fact don’t have the same vitamins as whole milk. Why organic? well, you are what you eat and you are what you eat eats. The cows that make regular milk eat corn products because it’s cheaper, but as a result they are sick all the time because they aren’t getting the nutrients they need to be healthy, so they are given antibiotics to keep them healthy and that all goes into our milk. YUK! Need I say more.

3. Organic lettuce and tomatoes. Fact is I would love to switch to all organic fruits and veggies but I can’t afford that yet. So, we are going to start with lettuce and tomatoes since we eat those most. Why organic? Well it has to do with pesticides that are sprayed on the regular fruits and veggies. There have been some studies that suggest this can cause ADHD and make it worse, so it seems like a good change to make. It also causes a host of other health issues as well.

Those are the changes for this moment. I am hoping to make other changes in the next few weeks once I figure out what we can handle and afford. Small steps and hopefully will lead to a healthier lifestyle. I will keep a journal about how it goes. 🙂


3 thoughts on “What’s a girl to eat?

  1. I’ve been having the same overwhelming issue. just ask mom and dad. i’m constantly informing them of how bad everything we eat is. and it is so very overwhelming. starting small is the only way to go.

  2. At one time, we were buying all our fruits & veggies fresh from the farmers’ market (either Tyvola or Kings Drive). We found that the prices were comparable to what we would pay for fresh fruits & veggies at Wal-mart. This way you know what you’re getting & where it comes from (locally, yay!). Kings Drive farmers’ market also has a boot set-up so that you can order meats that are more health friendly (grass/grain fed, no hormones, etc.) Not sure of pricing on that. We only quit going to the farmers’ market b/c of time & convenience issues (sad, I know). Anyway, congrats on your new endeavor. I pray that the withdrawals are minimal to none. Best wishes for great success!

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