Financial Update

I wanted to give a financial update on how we are doing with adoption fundraising. As of a week ago we needed $8000 to complete our adoption and today thanks to our fundraiser luncheon, memorial donations from a dear friend and a tax return we now need only $3525 to complete our adoption! That’s $4475 that God provided in one week! We are thrilled to be so close to the end. This last bit of money is what we need for travel expenses. We are hoping to travel sometime in late summer or early fall. Just the plane tickets alone are going to be around $1200 each! Travel is expensive. We are hoping to get some discounted tickets, if possible, and try to cut costs as much as we can while travelling, but it’s still going to be expensive. We know God will provide for what we have need of, He has proven that over this past year. We began this process needing $22000 and now we only need $3525! I would have never thought we would be here a year ago. I didn’t know how we would ever afford this adoption, but now to be so close is exciting! I can see the light at the end of the financial tunnel. We have at least four months, maybe more, to raise this remaining money for travel. I will be doing some grant applications as soon as we get matching approval, although they are a long shot. There are so many needy families and so little money, but we are praying we might get a grant. Also, if you would like to donate our church is still accepting tax deductible donations please mail donations to:

Harvest Church

PO Box 668154

Charlotte, NC 28266


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