We are finally making great progress is our adoption. We got our I-800A approval on Friday and mailed it today to Grand Rapids where it will join the rest of our dossier and make its way to Hong Kong, hopefully, later this week! We are thrilled that we are now officially done with the great paper chase. Now on to the waiting part. Once our dossier arrives in HK they will approve it and match us officially with our daughter! So what’s next in our process after that:

Matching approval in HK 1-3 months

Article 5 letter from US to HK approving the entry of specific child into US: 2-4 weeks

High Court Order issued giving provisional guardianship of child to adoption agency in US:6-10 weeks

Travel Approval: 2-3weeks

When we get travel approval they will give us a date at the embassy in HK to get our visa for our daughter and then we hurry to make travel arrangements to be there.

So, best case scenario this could have us traveling in June or worst case in November. It’s in God’s hands but we are praying for summer travel since it will be so much easier with Glenn’s work.

Financially, we are going to owe money this week, which we have, and then again at matching approval in 1-3 months, and then at travel. We will be having a fundraiser lunch at our church on Feb 10th where we will be sharing about our girl and this process. We are amazed that God has provided for this adoption so far and we have not had to go into any debt. We are trusting his provision and knowing He has it all worked out. Thank you for all your prayers and support. We are getting close to the home stretch!


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