Adoption Updates

We are finally moving along on the adoption front. We are still waiting on our I-800A approval but that seems to be taking people about 20 days from fingerprints, so we should have that by the 23rd of this month. We have one more paper to have notorized and then our dossier is done. Shockingly, I didn’t make any mistakes on our dossier, it was reviewed this week by our adoption agency. So, I don’t have any paperwork to redo. Yay!! So, we send our I-800A approval and this last document to our adoption agency when it gets here, and off the dossier goes to Hong Kong.

After that ,the Hong Kong government will review it and hopefully grant us matching approval with our girl. That can take anywhere from 1-3 months after the dossier arrives in HK. Of course, we are hoping for 1 month, we will see. Then there are a few more court processes in HK to get through and we will be granted Travel Approval! We are hoping for travel approval from 4-6 months after our dossier arrives in HK. That will mean travel sometime this summer. We are really hoping to get our girl home this summer so that we can get her adjusted to living here before school starts in the fall. She will be going to the Charter school where our other boys go and where Glenn works. We are so happy she can do that and they are excited to make a place for her there. She will be one of only a few children at the school with significant special needs, but I think it’s great that she can be in a place where other children can experience what it’s like to interact with a child with special needs like her. I think the younger you can expose children to all types of people, such as those with special needs, the more likely they are to be accepting of those people as adults.

We are really looking forward to our girl coming home, although it will change our lives forever. We have no idea what it will look like to parent a child with significant needs, but we know God has called us to this and He will provide the strength and ability as we need it. He has done that with Joshua and we know He will continue to. That’s not to say we won’t have challenges, we will, but we know God has called us to this and that brings comfort in those hard times.


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