It’s been really quiet on this blog. I can’t really say my life has been as quiet. Last week my husband’s grandfather passed away. He had been fighting cancer for about a month now. I am glad that he passed peacefully and without much pain. Cancer can be such a terrible thing and can cause such suffering. We are sad that he is gone to heaven now, but we are so thankful to know we will see him again and that now he is with the Savior and pain-free. I am sure he is dancing up there right now, he loved to dance and was very good at it. This week has brought to mind so many memories of him.

This is Papa with our youngest son Elijah. We dropped by his house to visit on our way home from the hospital. Papa loved his grandkids and great grandkids. We loved spending time with him and Mimi at their house. They have a train set that our kids really like. We went there every year to decorate it for Christmas with little houses and snow. My husband has been doing that since he was very young. We will put up those little houses at our house this year, and we will remember those wonderful memories with Papa.

I will miss going to his house for pizza and seeing my kids play with the train set. I will miss seeing him work out projects with my husband and always being willing to help out when we needed a hand. He had a gift of being able to fix anything and he spent many many hours helping us do things. He helped us build our first apartment. I will miss his hats, he always wore a hat. I will miss his hugs and the thoughtful way he always asked about our lives. Even until the last time I saw him, he asked how we were doing and specifically about our newest adoption. He was so supportive of our adoption of our son Joshua and now with our daughter’s adoption, and that meant so much to us. I will miss his dancing santa that he loved and bought out for our kids to play with each Christmas. I will miss hearing him laugh as our kids played with it. I will miss his quiet presence at family gatherings, he never missed one. I loved him as my own grandfather.

We are so blessed to have had such a wonderful father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He has left a legacy of belief in God and taught us all how to be a good person. He was a loving husband and father and will be greatly missed. But we have hope that we will see him again and live together forever in heaven, what a blessing we have to know this is not the end, but rather the beginning.


3 thoughts on “Quiet…

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Papa Ted. I have fond memories of him and Mimi Pat. They always insisted that I call them Papa and Mimi and treated me like one of the grandkids. I love that you think of him swing dancing up in heaven.

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