Six years ago today a beautiful and big baby boy was born, 9lbs 2oz! We named him Jordan Noel. Jordan was for the Jordan river and what it symbolized to us, a crossing into something new. Noel is a family name from my father’s side of the family. Jordan was a joy from the minute he was born when he peed into a box of sterile gloves. Always ready to make people laugh.

Here he is with big brother Samuel. I can’t believe either of them were ever that little.

Our whole family in 2006. Wow, we were young! Hard to believe our family was ever that small.

Jordan getting bigger. He just turned 2 in this picture. He has something on his sweater, but that is Jordan. Always messy.

He is a determined little guy, wanted to carry his own pumpkin. He has such a sweet spirit and cares about other people.

Always ready to laugh. He still wants to be a superhero when he grows up.

Jordan is such a great big brother and always ready to help. We are so blessed. Happy Birthday sweet Jordan!


3 thoughts on “6

  1. Ruth, could you pass on a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Brazil? Sorry we aren’t around to say it in person but we look forward to seeing everyone, Lord-willing, in December! Love to Jordan!

  2. As I wrote the date for the first time this morning, I thought of Jordan. He is such a sweet-spirited boy (not to mention SO intelligent) & such a joy to spend time with. I have really enjoyed the talks & play time we have had lately. There is no doubt in my mind that as he grows, he will, indeed, become a super-hero! Send him my love & best birthday wishes!

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