It has been one of those days, I should have just stayed in bed. It began with our car issues. Both cars were dead when we went out this morning, both having battery issues. One we could jump off, but the other went to the mechanic on a tow truck. Fortunately, we had borrowed my mom’s car today since we knew one of the cars had issues on Sunday, so my husband was able to get to work and I had a car to pick up the kids this afternoon from school. I realized as I was about to go get in the car this morning to pick up some medical forms for our adoption that I didn’t have my stroller, it was in my husband’s car. I can’t go anywhere without that stroller. I have two toddlers, ages 2.5 and 1.5, and the 1.5 year old doesn’t walk yet and the 2.5 year old loves nothing more than to run away into traffic, so it’s just not safe to go without a stroller. So, we cancelled our plans and stayed at home.

Everything went fairly well until I realized we were about to run late to pick up the older kids from school. We run out to my mom’s car parked out at the street in front of our house and I load in the 1.5 year old and then the 2-year-old into their carseats. Just as I about to get into the car myself, I realize that I have something on my arm. I am thinking it’s peanut butter, since the kids just had some peanut butter crackers, but just in case, I smell it. No such luck, it’s poop! So, now what to do? I don’t have a diaper bag with me, I like to live on the wild side sometimes.  I don’t have time to drag everyone back into the house to change the little ones diaper. I decide the best thing would be to run back into the house and grab the diaper bag. So, I do that and come back out to change the diaper in the car. Thank goodness for my mom’s leather seats. The kid had poop everywhere. Both shirt and pants are dirty. I finally get everything cleaned up and a spare shirt put on the little pooper. Then, what to do with the soiled clothes and diaper. Well, the trash can is on the other side of the house, so that’s not an option. I am not riding through 1 hour of car line with this stuff in my car, so into the front yard it goes, to be cleaned up later. I put everyone back into the car and rush to school. I get into car line, not late! Then as I sit there I realize that there is now dried poop on my arm, oh joy! I get the kids and they have to sit four across the back seat of my mom’s sedan and one in the front. Once I get them all situated sharing a seatbelt and hoping no cops are around I realize that I am holding up the entire car line and everyone is beeping at me. I am so glad to be home! I think I will just stay here the rest of the day and tomorrow will be another day. Hopefully one with working cars and poop that is contained.


3 thoughts on “Pooplosion

  1. Sounds like the poopapalooza started well before the poopy diaper. As it says in Alexander & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day, “Some days are just like that…even in Australia.”
    ♫The sun will come out tomorrow…♫
    Love you!

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