Warning: this post is a huge brag fest for my son Jordan, if you don’t want to read about how great he is, please feel free to stop reading now. 🙂

My son Jordan is 5 years old. He started kindergarten yesterday. Starting K is usually a big deal for a little child, but the day before school started was a bigger deal for me as his mom. The day before school started my mom offered to take Jordan to Costco with her as she often does. He enjoys time alone with grandma and getting to eat the free samples. They left about 3 in the afternoon and had a few errands to do as well as Costco. At around 4:30, I got a call from this strange number and didn’t answer, I was on the phone with a friend at the time. Then I got two phone calls from my mom, so I decided to click over and see what was up. She was calling to tell me that she had passed  out while at Costco and they had called an ambulance. She seemed okay and said they were going to check her out and hopefully that would be the end of it. She did ask me to come get Jordan though. So, I headed out. When I arrived at Costco Mom wasn’t there. I immediately saw Jordan at the door with the doorman, who I have met a couple of times. They told me mom had been taken to the hospital with heart trouble. Then they began to tell me about Jordan. When my mom passed out Jordan was able to tell the employees his phone number and showed them where my mom’s car was so they could get her cell phone. I was really impressed. We have told him our phone number a lot, but I just never knew if he was really listening. He can be a little flighty at times. The employees had taken great care of him and gotten him a hot dog and he seemed none the worse for wear. We all got in the car and headed to the hospital to be with mom.

I told Jordan how proud I was of him and he said, “I just wanted to help grandma, I really love her”. He says he wants to grow up to be a doctor now so he can help people who are sick like grandma. He is an amazing kid. I am a bit biased I know, but it really makes me proud of him and it’s good to know my kids are listening when I tell them stuff. 🙂

Mom is doing well, although they still cannot figure out what is causing her heart irregular rhythms. So, she is still undergoing testing and hopefully they can get it figured out soon so she can come home.

Keep on teaching your kids stuff, you just never know when it will pay off. I am so thankful he listened to me and I am also so thankful that this all happened at Costco, it could have been disastrous if it had happened while they were driving. God was watching over them and I am thankful both my mom and Jordan were safe.


2 thoughts on “Proud

  1. I heard about this last night at church & was so impressed with Jordan. I was not surprised as I see how well your young man adapts & absorbs. He is an amazing kid & you should be proud! Bragging rights are totally warranted. 🙂

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