My first doll

I bought my first doll for our daughter today. I have been eyeing this China themed Barbie doll for a few months now and it finally went on clearance today. So, I bought it. It’s nice to finally have some girl toys around. Of course, I had no idea how expensive Barbies were nowadays. I might never let her open it and just admire it from afar. Okay, not really, but I was surprised how pricey limited edition China Barbies are even on clearance. But it was worth it, how often do you find something so perfect. The Barbie is wearing a kimono and holding a Panda bear and looks Chinese. It’s really hard to find Asian looking dolls. There are white and black dolls and some latino ones but I have yet to see many asian ones at all. So, I put the doll on our daughter’s shelf with her backpack, lunchbox and memory book. Someday she will play with that doll and I will remember this time of waiting for her to join our family and it will seem like a distant memory.


3 thoughts on “My first doll

  1. That’s awesome! Cabbage Patch Dolls come in Asian. In fact, I think Harmony had one when she was little. She always like dolls other than caucasian. lol
    I am so excited for you guys!

  2. Awesome!! Bitty Babies also come Asian…but they are very pricey and don’t go on-sale. If she’s really good with babies in the future maybe we can all go in together and get her one 🙂

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