My Own Domain!

I have my very own domain now! Yay! I am sure some of you are asking, what is a domain? Well, it’s the web address for my blog, I now own and no one else can have it. It’s really cool to have my own web address! Why have your own domain? Well, now I can do more things with my blog, like add donate buttons from PayPal, which will aid us in fundraising for the adoption. And really at $18 a year, why not? Some of my techy friends told me I should go ahead and do it, so I did. A friend was telling me a story about this guy they knew who owned a certain domain name and some else wanted it. The guy was able to sell it for $1500 because this other person wanted it so badly. So, since was still free, I decided to get my own little piece of internet property as it were.


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