Opinions anyone?

I just did something kind of cool. I was on a focus panel online for a bank. It was an hour and a half online on a skpe type of format. I was on a panel with 6 other people who supposedly had similar banking habits as me. It was interesting to see a cross-section of the population from all over the country and then talk about your ideas about online banking. Mostly, we just told them what we thought were the most important reasons we bank online and what we would like to see improved upon. They also presented us with several marketing slogans and we had to rate them. I am getting paid for this, and really it was easy and well worth my time.

What I found most interesting was meeting other people who think the same way I do about banking, which in turn tells a lot about yourself really. I realized that I had most in common with a male, asian, doctor, middle-aged, from New York. That is about the last person I would ever think I would agree with about things, but I did. I learned a few things about myself from this experience. One, is that I have a need to control things. This doesn’t surprise me, but I guess I never expected that it carried over into my banking habits. The other thing is that my opinions were a little different from the rest of the group. I am somewhat of a loner, also not a surprise. Maybe this is just the psychology major coming out here, but it really was interesting to learn about myself through this exercise. Maybe I have learned one more thing. Maybe I am just a little too introspective. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Opinions anyone?

  1. I would probably be really similar to you too…and definitely a loner :).

    How do you get these paying opportunities???

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