Overcoming disabilities

I just read a news story about an archer from South Korea competing in the olympics right now. He has broken the world record for archery and has barely begun the competition. The really cool thing about this guy is that he is legally blind. He cannot see out of one eye and yet he breaks the world record for a sport that seemingly requires sight. Amazing! He has said that he can only see blurred colors and lines on the target that is 76 feet away from where he stands, but yet he has overcome his disability to break his own world record. He has 10% vision in his right eye and 20% in his left.

What tenacity it takes to do something that no one would ever think you could. This man has had this condition his whole life and yet he chose to pursue archery and is now the setting world record at the olympics. It just proves that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. This is such a hopeful story for me in raising our son with special needs and also our daughter that will likely have special needs. What a role model for them to see a man compete in the olympics doing something no one would think he should be able to do, and yet he does and does it well. He is setting world records against people with perfect sight! It just proves to me that not only can children and adults with disabilities be successful in the midst of other people with disabilities, but also in the “normal” world if they put their minds to it. I am sure this man has worked much harder and put in much more time than anyone else competing out there in archery to make up for his disability, but he is risen above the rest and proves it can be done with hard work and determination. I will be cheering him on and I hope he wins the gold, sorry USA. What an amazing story!


3 thoughts on “Overcoming disabilities

  1. That is really cool! It will be an awesome example to use with the kids when they view things as “impossible”.

  2. I would be interested in hearing about this man’s support system. I feel sure that he had folks that loved, supported & prayed for him. I truly believe that these elements create overcomers!

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