Please join with me in prayer for a friend of mine who just lost her baby girl at 17 weeks. I am so sad for her. She has been trying for so long to get pregnant, she has experienced 3 other losses late in her pregnancies. It just doesn’t seem fair, why should she have to suffer so much in order to have a child?

She has two little boys the same age as my oldest two. We met online back in 2008 when I was trying to get pregnant with my third child. We both experienced miscarriages together that year. She was there through my second miscarriage and when we finally were blessed to adopt Joshua she made him a quilt and sent it to me. I was so blessed by that and it meant so much to me. I was really looking forward to her welcoming this new little one and to be able to send her a gift. But time after time she has experienced loss. I cannot imagine how she must feel right now. I am praying that God would wrap her in His love and give her peace that only He can. Please join with me in prayer that God would comfort this family who has lost so much and that someday He would bless them with a child that they are desiring. It is at times like this that I just long for heaven when we will no longer know pain and only joy. When she and I will get to hold these dear ones we have lost and get to meet them, finally.


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