Yesterday we took a little trip to Target. I just love walking around Target and thinking about all the wonderful things I could buy if I had a million dollars. Samuel and Jordan love all the video games they have set up that you can play. Glenn was with me, and had something to return, so he took Joshua and did that while I took Elijah and walked with the two big boys back to the video games section. They were happily occupied so I went to peruse the toy section, I really enjoy looking at the little girl’s toys and dreaming a bit about being able to buy such things someday soon. It just amazes me how many different types of dolls there are. So, while I was walking around the toy section waiting on Glenn, Elijah started to get fussy. He is less than thrilled about being contained for any length of time right now, so I picked up a toy and gave it to him to play with while we were walking around. It worked like a charm. When he got tired of the one he had, I traded it out for another one so we could check out the baby section and the little girl’s clothes. LOVE IT! Glenn finally found me and saw Elijah with the toy. He said, “are you going to buy that for him?”. Knowing full well, that would not be happening, but not being sure why he had the toy. I said, “no, I was just keeping him occupied while I walk around, I will put it back before we leave.” He thought that was the funniest thing ever and said, “you have to blog about that”. I was surprised because I thought it was completely normal to let your kids play with toys while you shop and then put them back, but I guess not. So, I am taking a poll, has anyone ever let their kids play with toys while they shop and then put them back before you leave? Please leave a comment if you have. If you haven’t, then I have to say it works really well to occupy a fussy toddler. Just make sure it’s a plastic toy that they cannot break or get the packaging off of, preferably one that makes a little noise and that they have not played with before. I will do just about anything to keep from having a screaming toddler in the store and to be able to get my shopping done. So, I see nothing wrong with “borrowing” a toy for a few minutes to get that done. Next time you buy a brand new toy and the batteries have all been used up, you will know me and my toddlers have been testing it out for you. 😉


6 thoughts on “Target

  1. Oh, wow! I’ve NEVER thought about doing that but I will definitely use it when Kate decides to get to be a fussy shopper!

    Now, one thought I have on the negative side is the personal effects on the product from a child-chewing, pulling off tags, etc. but I guess that hasn’t been an issue for yours!!

    Great idea!

  2. I have done that, once. Then I could not pry the toy out of her hands when it was time to leave, she had a meltdown. I guess to her once it is in her hand it belongs to her. Now I usually let her hold one of the grocery items we are buying, or heck sometimes I just open the box of crackers or some other snack that we are buying and give it to her.

  3. Heck yes we have done that on numerous occasions!!! I will also do anything to not have a screaming child. Very rarely does it blow up in my face. Normally I’m able to put it back without a fight. At 5, Caroline still walks around a store with a toy/stuffed animal knowing she has to put it back when we are leaving. 🙂

  4. I have done that as well, Ruth. My boys know exactly where the coolest toys are in just about every store. I’ve never had the issue of screaming and crying when it is time to put it back. It keeps them occupied and happy while I can shop in peace. I’ve never thought of it as strange or anything! 🙂

  5. I do it all the time! I always say “You can hold it but I’m not buying it” and I rarely have a problem getting it back. I do it with books too. Also, I keep a few Happy Meal toys, small books, and snacks in my purse at all times.

  6. I did this when mine was smaller. I also would pick up a snack in the store then pay for the empty package at the end of our trip.

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