Keeping Promises

Right now it has been over one month since we submitted our information to be considered for a particular little girl in Asia. It was supposed to take “about” a month for the country to make a decision between us and another family. I just inquired of the adoption agency about the situation, and they said they haven’t heard anything yet and they would check with the country about it. I was doing really well about it all until about the last week or so and then as the month of waiting drew to a close it started getting to me. I go from being okay to biting my nails about it within a matter of minutes. I just wanted resolution, whatever it may bring. Right now there aren’t any other girls, AT ALL, on the waiting child website in the country we have chosen. That concerns me, that if this match doesn’t work out, we have no other options right this minute. In my humanness, it worries me and I wonder how long we will have to wait to find our Elizabeth.

God knew this week was coming and He knew that it would be hard to deal with waiting. He has prepared me for it, without me even knowing it. Over the past month, two separate people have had a word from the Lord for me concerning Elizabeth. Both of them were about God fulfilling His promise to us to bring us a daughter. God made a promise to us four years ago and we knew someday he would fulfill it, but the waiting makes you doubt. But over the past month He has sent two messengers to tell me that He will come through in His time. It is what is keeping me from going crazy with worry, just knowing He will come through. He cares about fulfilling His promises to us, big or small. He cares deeply about us. He cares enough to send us messengers to tell us, “keep on going, He is going to come through”, when times get tough and we in our humanness doubt His plan. Who am I to doubt? But, even still, He is loving enough to tell me it’s okay and He will come through.

I know God has our Elizabeth out there for us, and I know He will come through and I have to cling to that right now as I wait. I can trust that even if this match doesn’t work out it’s because He has something better for us. I can trust because He has come through in the past and I know He will be with me now as He has been before. I will leave you with this song that has been running around in my thoughts lately.

The Same God- Newsong

“The same God who was with you then is with you now The same God who led you in will lead you out So take all the fear and doubt Go on and lay them down The same God, the same God is with you now ”

This song was written by Newsong when one of the band members had a child born premature and was in NICU. I know what that feels like and that is one of the experiences that I draw on now for strength. God took us through the NICU with Joshua and we had such peace and strength in that hard time and I know He will walk with us down this journey of finding our daughter, because He has led us to it.


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