Update on Urgent Prayer Request

This is a quote from the blog I read about the family I asked prayer for in Ghana yesterday.

“Just a quick update on the Moghadam family in Ghana.
The only news I have is that Sol and Christine have been released from prison on bail.  They are with their bio children.  Their children were released into US Embassy custody, not the parents, but  they are together.  For that we rejoice!  The Lord has been so faithful to hear the cries of His people!
The other four children (being adopted) are still being held at the orphanage.   They are currently safe, awaiting the next steps.
Please keep praying!  Mountains are moving, but the road ahead is going to be full of challenges. There are powerful people involved thanks to the body of Christ coming together to pray, and amazing connections who have stepped up to help in any way they can.   God is moving, but being a weekend there is little more that can be done before Monday. ”

Thank you all for your prayers for this family, God is moving!


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