Butterflies are special to me, they represent God letting me know He is with me. When I am going through a hard time God will send me a butterfly to let me know He is there. Butterflies really became significant while I was pregnant with Elijah. After having two miscarriages, it was hard to not worry constantly about whether I would carry Elijah to term or not. I wondered if he was okay every single day I was pregnant with him. If I went a while not feeling him kick, I would worry. But almost every single day God would send me a butterfly to let me know everything was going to be okay.

Butterflies have been a big theme with this adoption as well. In fact, I will be doing Elizabeth’s room in a butterfly theme. There have been so many little ways God has shown me that he is with me while going through this adoption process using butterflies. I see butterflies all the time, like at our adoption yard sale. I was in the process if packing up everything at the end of the day and this beautiful white butterfly just flew around, landing on everything. It was a great reminder of what we were working so hard for that day. I got given a dress the other day by someone for our little Elizabeth and it had butterflies on it. It’s just the little things that mean so much.

When the boys asked me what I wanted for mother’s day I said I wanted a butterfly necklace. So, they got me one. I put it on at mother’s day and I will not take it off until Elizabeth comes home. It’s a way I can have her with me even now when she is half way around the world.

I think God uses creation to speak to us. He is wooing us to his love through the beauty of the world around us. We often times are too busy to notice though. Take some time and stop and appreciate God’s creations and how beautiful small things are, like butterflies, and know that God is sending you a message of love through each beautiful thing you see.


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